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An Insider’s Guide to the Best Puerto Vallarta Restaurants

Puerto Vallarta boasts an impressive culinary scene, but there are so many options it can be hard to know what to choose. From humble taco vendors on the street to high-end restaurants, there is incredible food around every corner. Traditional Mexican cuisine is of course abundant, but you can also find great spots for brunch, pizza, sushi, vegan, and more. 7 Best Restaurants in Puerto Vallarta The team at Lifestyle Properties wants to make sure that our guests experience the [...]

Dia de Los Muertos

Hello travelers, today we'll talk about one of the most emblematic celebrations of Mexican culture, the Day of the Dead. A festival missing from most other countries and cultures of the world, Dia de Los Muertos, is celebrated with color, marigold flowers, food, and paper decorations. In Puerto Vallarta, you can find many altars along the Malecón, paying tribute in creative and respectful ways to our country's famous people and local heroes. You can also find representations of "La Catrina," [...]

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It’s Restaurant Week!

Hello travelers, restaurant week is a special time for lovers of great food. At an international level, Puerto Vallarta is widely recognized for its gastronomy, it has first-rate restaurants and great events and festivals throughout the year, in which you can enjoy the most interesting creations of the Best Chefs in the region. One of those events is Restaurant Week. For 16 years it has brought together various restaurants providing great exposure to both the participants and Puerto Vallarta, it [...]

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Why Puerto Vallarta Tourism Will Bounce Back After the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic quickly turned our world upside down and made the last two months complicated in almost every way. Planes have been grounded, borders have been closed, and most people have been ordered to stay at home. The damage is widespread but perhaps the industry affected most is the tourism industry. New bookings have ground to a standstill while cancellations have soared. In a matter of weeks, Puerto Vallarta hotels and vacation rental companies watched their reservation calendars get [...]

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Peregrinaciones, a Journey of Faith in Puerto Vallarta

If you'll be in Puerto Vallarta during the first 12 days of December, you'll surely have the opportunity to witness "peregrinaciones", the Spanish word for pilgrimages. Every year from December 1st to the 12th, hundreds of people from Puerto Vallarta and other localities gather and walk in a group to sing, pray and express their faith to the Virgin of Guadalupe. Followers thank the Virgin for the blessings received throughout the year may it be for good health, opportunities for [...]

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